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  • Edgedupe_hard_drive_bracket_pictures
    THe Marketing images for the Edge10 range of DVD Controller Duplicators - Edgedupe.

T Series Hard Glass

  • T170h_side
    THe range of Hard Glass LCD Monitors from Edge10. All models feature Optic10 Toughened Optical Glass to protect the screen and enhance the visual comfort.

Key Blogs and Relevant Sites

  • Witsview :
    The undisputed experts on the trends in LCD Panel pricing. However the pricing is often the official price and in terms of shortages the deal price is normally higher, and in terms of surplus the deal price is normally lower. Think back to the negative sloping demand curves and positive sloping supply curves and the deviations from the price equilibrium of the Economics lessons back in High School. (Dave Stevinson) (***)
  • Unknown:
    A prolific Blogger on the Mainstream Display World. One of Dave's favourites (**)
  • DisplaySearch:
    A American bunch of researchers providing panel price trends plus offering a whole host of research services.. (*)
    A TFT Site I like

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